Delegated Traders

The AGFI project uses delegated traders to manage its treasury assets. A delegated trader is a professional trader who is selected by the AGFI decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to manage the trading of the project's assets.
The selection process for a delegated trader is highly competitive, with multiple traders applying for the position. The AGFI DAO then reviews the applications and selects the trader who they believe is the most qualified and experienced for the job.
Once selected, the delegated trader is responsible for managing the trading of the AGFI treasury assets. This includes making informed decisions about which assets to buy and sell, as well as monitoring market trends and analyzing market data to make informed trading decisions.
The delegated trader is also paid for their services by the AGFI DAO. This payment is typically in the form of a percentage of the profits generated through their trading activities. This ensures that the delegated trader is incentivized to maximize profits for the AGFI project.
Overall, the use of delegated traders allows the AGFI project to have professional and experienced management of its treasury assets. By selecting the best traders and incentivizing them to maximize profits, the AGFI DAO is able to ensure that the treasury assets are being managed effectively and efficiently.