Rewards are paid out in Ethereum and can be claimed at any time. Claiming rewards costs network gas fees, and so you should always check that the amount you're claiming is greater than the cost to claim it.
The ETH rewards that accumulate for all holders come from AGFI sold during AGFI token swaps on DEXs. Holding AGFI tokens is the only requirement for receiving and claiming rewards.

Claiming Rewards

If you hold AGFI you can claim rewards. To claim rewards, go to the AGFI Dashboard.
Scroll down to where you can see "Your Claimable Rewards".
There are two options for claiming rewards:
  • CLAIM ETH: Clicking this option will just withdraw your rewards to your wallet as ETH.
  • SWAP TO AGFI: Clicking this option will swap your ETH rewards into AGFI, and add them to your wallet. This option is also called compounding, and no fees are collected on the swap.