Delegating Votes

To be able to vote in the AGFI DAO as an AGFI token holder, you simply need to do one thing: Delegate your votes. It's crucial you do this before proposals are started, otherwise you will not be able to vote in them.
To do this, open the Aggregated Finance DAO on
At the top of the page, click Delegate vote.
Connect your MetaMask or WalletConnect wallet:
Then you will be asked to either Delegate to self, or Delegate to an address. If you Delegate to yourself then you will need to participate in voting. If you delegate to another address, then you are transferring your voting power to that other address.
You will then need to confirm on-chain your delegation.
Once the transaction is confirmed that's it! You are ready to vote in the DAO. Your address will show up in Tally as a voter (it can sometimes take a few minutes to appear), and show you how much voting power you have.
If you buy any more AGFI, or compound any earned rewards, make sure you Delegate your votes again so your new balance is tracked in the DAO.

Casting Votes